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The Future of Bicycles
The Archimedes truly is the next step forward in the evolution of the bicycle. It increases power and speed while at the same time reducing rider fatigue and accidents due to bicycle failure. It also allows many more people to enjoy an activity that is beloved the world over; riding a bicycle. The ARC is superior to a conventional bicycle in many ways, much of which has to do with how forces are applied when riding. 
"Give me a fulcrum on which to rest,
and I will move the earth."
- Archimedes - 
We Are Dedicated To Empowering The Physically Challenged!!
Real Investor Testimonials
I met Wilson during a period where I was in a desperate need of his professional business advice. He not only helped me, he also helped my other business associate. We have continued our business relationship for over 20 years.  I was very excited to be involved in this  admirable quest to develop a new bicycle that  will change lives. The fact that the physically challenged will finally be able to ride a bicycle with ease, is a major accomplishment. It is an exciting and respected venture. I can’t wait to see everyone experiencing the bicycle as  he has envisioned.

- R. Sacher
I have worked with Wilson for 15 years and have personally witnessed his strength and abilities to grow many facets of his businesses. In addition, I have also seen his compassion for helping all those around him to better themselves. I  invested in this company because I believe in the technology that he has created for the disabled. It truly is an amazing invention. 

- A. Yarce
 Wilson has been a true friend of mine for over 30 years. Our friendship first started as a business relationship, and I immediately gained respect for his business knowledge. He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of business.  This gift has propelled Wilson into inventing a major new technology that will be enjoyed by all. When I learned more about Wilson's goal of making  bicycles available to the physically challenged  at no cost via his nonprofit, The Fit Foundation,  I was excited to contribute my investment to support his vision of helping to better the lives of the physically challenged. 

- W. Diggs
Our Mission
We plan to provide safer bicycles to all consumers by reducing frame and fork failures when riding. Our system will reduce accidents, injuries, lawsuits and provide a FAST and smooth ride at the same time. One of the most exciting aspects of our system is that a paraplegic, an individual missing one or both legs or someone suffering from a debilitating musclar disease can now ride the ARC bicycle and enjoy this fantastic fun and energizing activity.
Who We Are
ARC287BC Corporation is a Totowa, NJ based research development firm specializing in bicycle technology. It has developed a unique, patent technology called the "Stepper Mechanism" which produces about 528 % more torque, thereby significantly increasing performance. 
ARC287BC: More Power=More Speed

In fact, while a conventional bike can't exceed 120 RPMs, the ARC287bc can exceed 175 RPMs, something unheard of in the industry and an absolute quantum leap forward in terms of power production and safety
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We Are Offering : Innovator Level Opportunity!!
This is a chart represents the predictable pattern of consumer mass adoption of new technology and was first observed by American theorist Everett Rogers in 1962. First the Innovators invest and then the Early Adopters jump on board – these are the people we are looking for... those who are quick enough to buy in at the earliest possible time. It’s often the Innovators & Early Adopters who earn the most profit from a new trend
hey don't get earn higher profits because they are smarter, or more important... they earn profits on a larger scale because ...
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REAL Testimonials
Don't Just Take Our Word For It... See What Others Have To Say...
Our Patent Journey!!!
Success comes from persistence, 30 Years of hard work...
Introducing ourselves to the patent examiner.
How our bicycle forces differ from the other patented bicycle.
Why our forces don’t distort the bicycle frame & fork .
We Are Providing You With All Of The Information 
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We Are Expanding Out Team Looking For:
  •  Mechanical Engineers
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